100% brisker gloves

Ben Reviews: 100% Brisker Gloves

If there’s one thing to really put a damper on your winter riding, it’s having cold hands. It’s an utterly miserable feeling when you’re hands are frozen numb and shifting gears, or braking for that matter becomes unbearable. Fortunately, though, some pretty decent mountain bike brands have ploughed hours into trial and error to help riders avoid this cold discomfort. The motocross kings turned MTB, Ride 100%, is a popular choice for accessories and apparel, and this winter, Ben has been out riding hard in the 100% Brisker Gloves.

Constructed from a lightly insulated soft-shell material, the Brisker gloves have a neoprene cuff, adjustable closure to ensure a dialled in fit, moisture wicking microfibre on the inside for comfort and additional insulation with a single layer of Clarion across the palms for performance. Silicone graphics increase grip in damp conditions, and tech thread keeps you connected to your devices.

Ben Reviews: 100% Brisker Gloves

I have been using my gloves for over two years, and they still work brilliantly. The logo is looking a bit tatty but apart from that, no problems. I have used my gloves through all parts of the year down to temps of nearly -4. They are a great compromise having a palm of a regular MTB glove, so you have a good feel of the grips and a nice windproof top to keep your hands warm. Ride 100% also offer the waterproof Hydromatic Brisker (£35) now which are a bit more expensive.

For the money, I have not found a glove to beat it! It says a lot when you go riding with a group of reps, and everyone is wearing them. Even when they sell other brands of gloves themselves.

The Brisker gloves are available in a few different colours and sizes, available at the Afan Valley Bike Shed for £27.

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