We provide the use of helmets free of charge with all hires. To hire a bike, you will need to leave valid photo ID (e.g. driving license) and a credit/debit card for security whilst you ride. Damage to our bike/s whilst in your custody will need to be paid for, but as we don't aim to make any profit from this, parts are charged at cost and labour at our standard rate.

Click on the hire models below to view a typical bike and manufacturer spec.

Hire Option Half Day – 3 hrs AM (9-10) or PM (1-2) Full Day (9-5)
E-bike not applicable £80
Premium Full Suss

Standard Full Suss





Adult Hardtail £20 £30
£10 £15
Infant Seat £8 £13

Demo Options

Demo Full Suspension Options - £75 for 3 hours

Here at the Afan Valley Bike Shed we offer the opportunity to Demo our Whyte and Orange Bikes. 

If you are unsure of which model to buy, this  means you can try a variety of options to really get to feel which one suits you best. As we are at the head of the trails you can experience the bikes over similar terrain to that you expect to ride on your new bike. 

The question we get asked most is 29" or 27.5". Every rider is different so you really need to experience both to be sure which will work best for you and so give you the most satisfaction from your riding. We can help you answer that question for yourself.

  2018 Five Pro                                                                                        b6f680_7159c0b25d9a42a2beaf2c5d4af66218mv1

With all the bikes now available on the market, we advise you to try before you buy. You wouldn't buy a car without trying it first so treat your bike buying process the same way. Only then can you be sure you've bought the right bike for you.

If you then go on to purchase your bike from us, we'll credit your demo payment against the price of the bike so you can't lose!



Ex-hire bikes for sale from approx. £300

Our hire fleet is kept in excellent working order by our Cytech qualified mechanic.  They are pre-loved but are in top riding condition.  If you loved your hire bike, speak to us about buying it and take it home!  If you're looking for a pre-loved bargain, you can hire a bike and try it out on the trails first.  We'll even knock off the cost of your hire session from the price of the bike.