If you are traveling to the Afan valley for the weekend and don't have time to get a part or repair carried out during the week, give us a call and we will do our best to get the part in and book an early morning or late evening fitting, if required, so you know you will be able to get on the trails.

*If forks are still on the bike there is an extra £20 charge to take off and re-fit.
If the bike needs to be cleaned before work can start then there is a £5 charge.
Prices are for labour only, parts and oils are extra.

Services Price
Wash/ lube check up £15.00
Replace Gear cables (per gear cable) £15.00
Replace front or rear mech £15.00
Replace Brake pads £5.00
Brake bleeds (per brake) £15.00
True wheel £15.00
Lower fork service £25.00
Full fork service £50.00
Rear air can service £25.00
Fittings Price
Fit brakes (per brake) £15.00
Fit forks £25.00
Fit headset £25.00
Fit bottom bracket £15.00
Fit crank £15.00
Fit tyre £5.00